What is Freon

The simplest answer to the question ‘what is Freon’ is that Freon is a refrigerant. On a wider view, Freon is the name used to refer to a variety of products that were developed in 1928 by the DuPont Company. Since the development of Freon in 1928, it was used widely until the 1980s when some research suggested that Freon was contributing to the damage of ozone layer.

This led to several campaigns launched by the government that were aimed at making Freon products safer and more environment conserving. Since then, there have been various initiatives that are aimed at ensuring that the process of disposing off apparatus with Freon are safer to the environment. History of Freon As aforementioned, Freon was developed in 1928 by the DuPont Company as a refrigerant. Before its development, refrigerators used toxic chemicals and gases such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), ammonia (NH3) and methyl chloride (CH3Cl). These gases would sometimes cause fatal accidents when they leaked due to their toxic nature. At this point, people began leaving their refrigerators outdoors in fear of leakage.

It was then that the major refrigerator companies in the US such as Frigidaire and DuPont began looking for an alternative to toxic gas coolants. In 1928, Freon which was a mixture of different chlorofluorocarbons that were in commercial and industrial use was discovered. Freon usage The discovery of Freon marked a new era for refrigerator companies. Freon was non-toxic and as such, it never posed any danger upon leakage and people felt safer using it. It would soon become the standard refrigerant for all refrigerators. In addition to being used in refrigerators, Freon was also used as a coolant in firefighting systems and in air conditioning systems. It was also used widely as a propellant of aerosols.

It was not until late in the 1980s that people discovered the dangers that chlorofluorocarbons and more specifically Freon posed to the environment and the ozone layer. With this discovery, there were calls for bans on any chlorofluorocarbons products that were already in use and also to stop further production of any chlorofluorocarbon products such as Freon. As such, the use of Freon has greatly diminished. Current developments concerning Freon The Freon manufacturing company DuPont has joined in the global fight against the production of chlorofluorocarbon products.

As such, they have concentrated on production of more environmental friendly refrigerants. However, there is still a lot of the chemical out in the market especially in old appliances. Emphasis has been put on proper disposal of these Freon containing appliances. Currently, it is possible to contact professional to evaluate whether the appliance you are using contains Freon. You can then decide to change the coolant or the appliance itself.

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