What is Fucus Vesiculosus

Fucus vesiculosus is also known as bladder wrack and it is found on the coasts of North sea, and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans its other names are black tang, sea oak, cut weed and rock wrack. It is a green colored algae and it is used as a fuel and food for cattle.

The main use of fucus vesiculosus is to treat goiter. In goiter there is swelling and enlargement of thyroid gland. It can even cause heaviness on our esophagus which will result into involvedness in breathing. People suffering from this disease may have complexity in gaining weight because hormones made by thyroid are essential for the growth of our body.

The main component of this marine plant is iodine which is very helpful in stimulating the thyroid. The body can use iodine to make the thyroid hormone, which manage the body metabolism. If thyroid gland hormone is enhanced by medication then obvious result is increase in metabolism. Then body is able to burn more calories and there are less deposits of fat in our body.

When this plant is alive it is in brownish green color but after it gets dry it is in black color.

There are no medical researches and proofs regarding the homeopathic use of fucus but it is still widely use by people to restrict fatty degeneration of coronary arteries and the heart.

It can restrict the growth of many cells that are responsible for the growth of cancer disease. So, it is powerful aid for people that are suffering from cancer.

Other benefits of focus vesiculosus are :-

It can relieve heart burn. It can heal wounds. It can lower the cholesterol level. It relieve from diarrhea.

A German study has also shown that focus vesiculosus is a suppressor to HIV activity.

The side effects associated with it are :-

Allergies :- It can lead to allergy, together with a reaction to iodine.
Abnormal Bleeding :- It is an anticoagulant so it can cause disproportionate thinning of blood.
Diarrhea :-
The overdose of it can cause diarrhea.
Kidney problems :-
Over eating can create toxic environment for our kidneys.

Acne :- Its overdose can result into skin problems and their can be massive outbreak of acne.

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