What is Furry Fandom

“Furry Fandom”- Lets’ try and understand this term by knowing their individual meanings. The term “Furry” refers to an anthropomorphic character of animals. In simple words, these are animal characters in which you can find the attribution of human form, human behavior or human characteristics. The best examples would be the cartoon characters like Mickey or Bugs Bunny who can walk, talk, wear clothes and actually behave like humans. The term “Fandom” has been derived from the word fans-(fan) and partly from the words kingdom or freedom (Dom) and thus refers to a group or community of fans who share a common interest in various genres, be it music, dance, entertainment or any art form. The furry genre is generally based on the concept of fantasy characters.

So putting together, the term “Furry Fandom” means the fandom for the genre of furry. It refers to the community or group comprising of writers, actors, artists or hardcore fans of furry form of art. The people involved or rather the members of the fandom here are referred by various names like furfans, furs, furries or furry fans. The fandom comprises of fans who are sometimes artists or writers involved in animated cartoons, while some others are character fans who perform the characters in theme parks or become corporate mascots. There are also people with strong connections to animals either personally or spiritually.

One aspect which becomes a part of any community is politics and “furry fandom” is no exception on this. One such politics which emerged in front of “furry fandom” came in the form of an attempt in distinguishing a “furry comic” which is originally created by the members of fandom, and a “funny animal comic” in which no one from the fandom is involved. Finally it is the artist’s affiliation to work makes the difference. There are also controversies regarding the aspects of sexuality associated with “furry fandom”. Varied approaches to sexuality in forms of erotic art and furry themed internet sex have been the sources of such controversies.

The concept of “furry fandom” initially originated in 1980 at a convention of science fiction where a character from “Steve Gallaci’s” Albedo started discussing about anthropomorphic animal roles which slowly led to the thought of creating “furry fandom” and thus became a standard name for such genres by 1990. Today furry fans have increased immensely in number leading to form a group on internet as a virtual society. However there are still some fans, who are not computer literates, and are left isolated with no awareness of such organized society of furry fans.