What is Gabapentin

Gabapentin is the pharmaceutical medicine which has another name as an anticonvulsant. Gabapentin affects elements and nerves inside a body which are occupied in the cause of pain and seizures.

This drug is applied lonely or in grouping with extra pills or tablets to cure seizures happened by epilepsy in elders. The epilepsy problem can occur in children as well so doctors might prescribe the Gabapentin medicine for children as well though this drug is prescribed to above 12 years-old child. This drug is also utilized with some more pills who are used to heal fractional seizures in children below 3 years to 12 years.

Adults having nerve pain due to herpes virus or shingles are also prescribed the Gabapentin medicines. It is also used for treating the RLS (restless legs syndrome).

People suffering from any allergic problem should not use Gabapentin. If any patient is applying this drug, then the person should consult the doctor first because this drug can cause dangerous effects to kidney, liver, or heart. Experts say some patient even thought of suicide if they take Gabapentin. Such patient is considered for regular checkups by experts so those who are taking this drug should not miss any planned appointments.

If the patient is getting any new worsening sings or symptoms because of Gabapentin drug, then he/she should reach the doctor immediately. Even in case of mood or behaviour changes, nervousness, gloominess, restless, aggressive nature, agitated, or thoughts of suicide people should visit the doctor on priority. These symptoms can harm the patient drastically.

However, if the patient is taking gabapentin for seizure’s problem, then he/she should not stop without asking the doctor. The regular intake of these medicines might increase the seizures in the patient if the medicine is stopped suddenly. Sudden stop of using such a drug can increase more troubles so reducing the quantity slowly is best option if a patient wants to end this medicine.

If the patient is attaining worse seizures even after taking the Gabapentin drug, then patient should consult the doctor on priority. Patient should get a medical alert ID card that states the patient is taking Gabapentin. This will help doctor, dentist, or other medical professional to treat the several problems occurred to the patient.

Conclusion: Allergic people should not use Gabapentin. Patient having few difficulties such as kidney disease, liver problem, heart problem, or RLS problem should tell the doctor so that doctor can prescribe the Gabapentin drug accordingly. People working in night shift or love to sleep in day might get thoughts of suicide because of Gabapentin medicine. Those patients ought to consult the doctor as a patient might get the depression problem because of this drug.