What is Geriatrics

Geriatrics is a modern day measure to ensure that the patients who belong to the older age group gain the additional resistance power in order to combat against the diseases and old age problems.

With growing age is it very essential to maintain a close watch on the elders as they tend to become a little more reactive to miscellaneous issues and thus, fall ill or suffer from discomfort more often. In such cases, geriatrics is the perfect solution for them as it a specialized field specially dedicated to cater the needs of eliminating the discomforts that are associated with growing age.

The need for Geriatrics mainly arises due to incapability of the body to resist hazards that affects the body organs with growing age. In fact, side effects of medicines also become a prominent source of problem with growing age. There may also be sufferings in other forms other than physical issues which also relates to memory, where a person losses the potential capacity to remember things such as name of a person, location or conversation happened a little earlier ago.

The person who conducts geriatrics is known as a geriatrician. But in order to get that title, the doctor himself needs to go a through process which shall provide him with the title of geriatrician. The person should be certified by the board either in the field of Family Practice or Internal Medicine along with undergoing a proper training session. The present day strength of the number of geriatrician in US is about 10, 000 who specialize in providing a proper service to the elders along with taking care of them.

The Geriatricians are not the only one who can accomplish the task of maintaining the health of an elder person, along with his professional skills, requirement of a physician, nurse and pharmacist is also required who can regular monitor the actions of the patient. Though, no doubt the geriatrician plays the most important role of maintaining a close relation with the patient, others too contribute.

The approach to maintain a person’s health is taken by process which not only deals in guiding the patient with the steps to improve the physical and mental abilities but also includes behavioral pattern of the patients which comes in form the ability of the patient to remember things, dress up on their own, eating habits, etc. On the basis of the above observations a proper chart is prepared by the Geriatrician which includes the food to be provided to the person along with the necessary exercises that needs to be performed on daily basis.