What is Gingivitis

Gingivitis this term is related to teeth and gum problems. It is an early phase of gum disease and characterizes inflammation of the gum tissues that surround the teeth. In its initial stage it causes no pain and that is why people get reluctant to take care of this disease properly. However, if you don’t care from the beginning it may give birth to periodontitis, which is a major cause of teeth loss in adult. When the symptoms start growing rapidly a person feel pain and it also cause bad smell. Thus it is important to visit the dentist prior things go out of hand.

Gingivitis is a very regular gum disease and it has a few a common symptoms. Let’s see the symptoms in brief.

  • Inflated, red and puffy gums are the primary symptoms of this gum disease
  • If you have been affected with this issues you are supposed experience bleeding gums in the long run. Generally gums bleed after brushing and flossing.
  • Gingivitis occurs when the gum tissue can’t work properly and that is why foods and other particles didn’t pass out of teeth p and cause bad smell. It seems very embarrassing to talk with other when your mouth smells bad.

Gingivitis affect different people for different causes but there are few general causes as well like:

  • Frequent use of tobacco affects your gum and cause gingivitis.
  • There are a few diabetic people who become victim of Gingivitis.
  • Often during eating few particles get trapped in places like below orthodontic brackets and brands, where it is hard to reach and these things later give birth to gum disorder.
  • Often crooked and overlapped teeth experience this gum disease.
  • In case of few patients it has been noticed that infrequent and improper flossing and brushing cause gingivitis.
  • Taking oral contraceptives regularly can also be a cause of gingivitis.

Prevention is better than cure and here we will learn the possible ways of preventing a gum disorder like gingivitis.

  • In order to keep any gum disease, especially gingivitis at bay it is imperative to brush twice a daily. Remember the bristle of the brush have to be very soft. You can opt for electronic brushes as well as they clean better than normal brushes.
  • Don’t forget to use an anti-bacterial rinse after brushing your teeth properly. Always opt for the one that contain anti-microbial agent and is also clinically proven. Nowadays, several companies are producing these things to keep your mouth fresh clean.

Other cures: The easiest way to prevent gingivitis is to visit dentist frequently. Only he or she can judge the condition of your gums and suggest possible cure. Gingivitis will not give you much trouble if you care from the beginning and it will not occur at all if one can follow the regular oral care methods by heart.