What is Glamping

The thought of breaking the comfort zone and moving out in the woods or the mountain tops for the summer is always a yes!! for everyone till we talk about the creepy insects that might bite you while you were relaxing under the tree after a four hour walk uphill, the wild animals that you might encounter, the torments of the weather like a sudden storms and the general problems that the murphy laws have brought upon us like the leaking tents, The broken ropes and the food you thought was only meant for killing someone’s appetite. For a lot of us the only time we went for camping was our last time. For a number of people, their first camping experience often becomes their last because of a lot of things we never planned of and the roughing up that we ignored, but for such people there is a camping that is growing at a fast pace and gaining popularity as well, and as world knows it, welcome to glamorous camping, also known as glamping. Such camping’s, well organized camping’s that encompass all the aspects of the traditional camping’s but the facilities at their campsite are far beyond what a lot of us to relate to being at camp.

A typical glamping trip would have the tents made out of bright colors and material that is far better than the olive drab canvas material of yesteryear. These tents have a well-made framework for electrical rigging as well so as to provide the occupants with lighting and provision for cooking. The stinky old and used and stitched sleeping bags give way to full size air and coir mattresses for a comfortable sleep even in the middle of the wild or at the top of the mountain.

Many glamping trips also integrate within themselves various excursions that are facilitated by traditional groups such as rafting, safaris and hiking etc. but the focus is always on the comfort of the guests. The camping sites of glamping are well connected by road for easy transportation back and forth in case of any emergency and full course meals and services like laundry and massage etc. are also provided to the guests by the guides and the care takers at the camp. Few of the privately organized glampings even include private concerts and open air shows for the guests to keep their moods rolling.

The idea of glamping I believe to have come from those who despite of being rich to facilitate and afford everything could not go camping and enjoy the outdoors because of their lifestyle that cramped them to adverse situations. A lot of companies that specialize in making camping equipment are also shifting to production of high end equipment as per glamping requirements for better margins in business and to make more money.

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