What Is Glazing Compound



What Is Glazing Compound?

When the glass panes are installed the glazing compound is used.  This is nothing but the putty which is used to seal the glass to the base so that there is no water leakage. We have to know what a glazing compound is and when to use it.  The glazing compound has to be changed when the window glass is broken or there are any damages where the water leakages are there. Sometimes there are ready made windows where the contractors need not use any glazing compound. They can just bring them and fix them to the building. This is basically putty. There are still the traditional products of putty used forth window panes. But this glazing compound is the better product.

The glazing compound is a tight seal for the water and also air so that there is no leakage. The compound is adhesive for the glass and the window. The glazing compound needs little time for the stickiness to go away. Then it can be painted depending on the product which needs to be dried. The glazing compound is flexible after it dries also and so the glass will be fitted correctly on the window. This will give the tightness for the seal and there is no leakage of water. If the compound is dry and starts to crack for the dryness then there is a chance of the air and the water to leak into. If he compound has dried off more then a scraper will be used to scrap and then the glass is placed.

After the window frame is ready the glazing compound will be applied so that the glass can be gently placed on it. This compound will be spread to give thin layer to be spread for placing the glass. The workers will use mostly a glove to apply the compound. They can use a knife also to apply and wait for it to be dried before it is painted.  The workers should use the best branded glazing compound so that the quality will not become a problem. The compound should e flexible so that it can be applied to all the crevices. It should not get dried as it may get cracked.

What is a glazing compound is the question which the house owners have to understand before buying the product. The correct consistency of the product will give the correct results. If we go for cheaper products then the composition of the compound will be different. The compound needs a good lot of time to dry up to a certain extent. They remain flexible if one layer of the top is scraped.