What is Glucagon

The hormone that is necessary for the production of energy at times when the level of blood sugar in the body is extremely low is “Glucagon”. This hormone is secreted from the alpha cells of the pancreas in the morning and also at times when the overall blood sugar level drops. An interesting fact about Glucagon is that it helps in the release of lipids from the fat storage cells of the body. Also, it even helps the liver in releasing the glycogen that is stored in it. Glycogen acts as glucose for the brain in mammals.

An opposing hormone to Glucagon is Insulin. The latter is mainly involved in the processing of caloric energy and also in the process of metabolism. Insulin too is released from the pancreas. The only difference being that it is released from the beta cells of the pancreas. Insulin is responsible for bringing down the blood sugar levels of the body when they reach very high levels in our body. Also, another important function of insulin is to lead the sugar cells of the body into the cells and tissues if the levels of glucose are very high in the body. An interesting fact to know about insulin is the when insulin does its job, all other fat burning actions and those responsible for releasing fat are either highly reduced or stopped completely.

Thus you must now have clearly understood as to how Glucagon & Insulin are opposing hormones. The presence and functioning of Insulin negates the presence and functioning of Glucagon and vice versa. Another important fact that you should know here is that when both these hormones are present in an equal proportion in the human body, insulin will be the primary hormone and continue functioning while the Glucagon will seize to function.

Therefore, all the people who are on a diet and want to reduce their weight will need to pay a keen attention to the Glucagon levels in their body. You can control the amount of Glucagon in your body by increasing the intake of foods that have a high level of protein in them. Although protein will neither negate the functioning of insulin, nor will it lead to an increase response by insulin, it will surely get the alpha cells of the pancreas to increase the secretion of Glucagon. Thus with a few measured changes in your diet, you will be easily able to get this hormone to increase the speed of our metabolism and in turn help speeding up the weight loss procedure.

But an important fact to note over here is that you will need to maintain a certain level of protein in the body. Ideal levels as prescribed by doctors and leading nutritionists are 30% of protein, 40% of carbohydrates and 30% of fats which make an ideal nutritional ratio for the human body.