What is Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid, one of the primary chemicals has made itself an indispensible part of the cosmetic industry. Glycolic acid is a natural compound of the family of chemicals called Alpha-Hydroxyl Acids (AHA)(an acid actually derived from sugar cane). Citric acid which is derived from oranges and other citrus fruits also can be categorized as glycolic acid.  Perhaps Glycolic acid is the most important of the AHA since it is the most active compound and is used profoundly for skin care.

Role of glycolic acid in skin care
The skin care industry owes a lot to glycolic acid as it contributes largely in maintaining a youthful and radiant skin. In fact, most of the skin care products nowadays boast of a certain percentage of glycolic acid in their component list.

Glycolic acid is commonly used as a natural skin moisturizer even though there are a lot of unanswered questions about its efficacy and safety. It helps in giving a glow to the skin due to regeneration of cells and reduces the wrinkles and speed up the skin renewal process. It also affects the newly forming keratin cells and thus helps in giving the skin a smoother and a younger look. It has been proven to be effective in the treatment of acne along with other cosmetic benefits. Yes, people with skin conditions of dryness, white heads and black heads also have some good news; there are glycolic peels available which helps to retexture the skin just in few months. There are peel solutions containing glycolic acid available as cleansers too. Even sun damaged skin, dark spots, bumps, large pores and pigmentation can be effectively treated with few sittings of glycolic facial treatments. In short glycolic acid basically promotes healthier glow by removing dreary, dead and dull skin cells and appearance of age spots could also be reduced with fruit acid facials containing glycolic acid.

Apart from skin care and beauty related implications glycolic acid also plays a helping hand role like in marine industry in an immense way for removal of rust and for degreasing of equipments. But many know glycolic acid from the cosmetic end rather than the industrial users.

Higher concentrated glycolic acid will not be available at any chemists. The best method to apply glycolic acid or use the glycolic peels is therefore not to do it by oneself or by beauticians but by individuals who are not only qualified in this field but also trained to do this cosmetic procedure. A simple treatment done by a qualified doctor for your forehead and face doesn’t cost much and therefore not only is safer but also will get the desired results in a fewer sittings. Finally a little effort is worth it for a younger and healthier looking skin. So go girl go, indulge high in glycolic acid.

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