What is Godet

Godet is piece of cloth which is added to clothing like skirt to add more volume to the clothing. This can be done by putting it as a panel, as a circular piece or as a triangular piece of cloth to the existing piece of clothing. Godets are mostly used in clothing which are made for women who have bigger and heavier frames as the additional fabric helps in camouflaging the heavy curves.

Godets are typically added to dresses or skirts which are mostly made in A line. The problem with a line clothing is that it is not too wide at the lower end thus making it not too suitable for movement. Godets when added to the A line clothing add additional fabric at the bottom which in turn makes the clothing not only have additional flair to it but also due to additional fabric there is more fabric to provide freedom of movement. The godets are typically added after a fixed interval, equidistant from each other which gives effects of waves or ripples to the skirt or the dress in which they have been added.

Another purpose or objective achieved by godets is adding style to the, what may otherwise be a plain fabric. This can be achieved by using fabric in contrasting color to the clothing thus making it more colorful and full of flair. The color may be different but mostly the fabric that is used is kept same as the fabric of the original clothing to give it similar fall. The fall of the different fabrics differs along with the expansion and shrinkage. The shrinkage or expansion due to wash and daily use may create problems when using different fabric hence different material for Godets is avoided. In the high fashion and high end clothing where extreme care of the fabric is taken, the designers may chose to use fabric of different material to make it more fashionable and in tune with what is in vogue. There is one important thing which is kept in mind while adding godets and that is that adding of more fabric primarily adds more weight to the clothing, hence the fabric that is being used for godet should ideally be light in weight. On the other hand if the fabric is heavy it would weight down the hem of the clothing and thus disrupt the natural fall of the clothing defeating the purpose of adding godets.

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