What is Gold Therapy

Gold therapy is used to covenant with special conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. in the beginning it was used to treat infection such as tuberculosis, but in 1900s doctors began to use it to treat rheumatoid arthritis. In arthritis there is damage to our joints and relentless pain in them. This therapy is also known as aurotherapy and chrysotherapy. As the name of this therapy suggests that gold is very much related to it. Actually, in this surgery compounds of gold such as gold salt is use to heal diseases.

As gold is one of the most precious metals so its market value is very high. Moreover, in early times it was the part of our currency. Besides these economical values, gold has medical value also as this heaviest element is used to heal the disorder like rheumatoid arthritis.

Sometimes patients are not able to bear strong chemical solutions. So according, to scientists and medical experts for these patients salt of gold would be very accommodating in reducing pain in the joints. This salt is also curable for juvenile forms of arthritis.

Oral methods can also be used to inject the compounds of gold into the body then inspection is done to check the receive of these compounds by our body and it takes about 6 months to see the effect of compounds. Due to their slow effect injections do not cure arthritis but can help keep it under control by relieving pain, reducing swelling and preventing join damage.

The main side-effects of gold therapy are:-

There can be loss of appetite. Some patients have to suffer from nausea. Hair thinning and loose stools. Skin rashes, kidney problems. Ulcerations of the mouth or tongue, blood in the urine, damage to bone marrow.

The area of gold therapy is limited and scientists are continuously doing efforts to enlarge this area. Some studies has shown that compounds of gold are helpful in treating cancer as well as malaria.

According to Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation, the combination of gold particles and RF energy can be used to destroy cancer cells. But this treatment procedure is still in development.

These compounds of gold are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women as it have side-effects on the fetus.

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