What Is Google Analytics

Google® Analytics is an online service that let website owners track various parameters related to their websites. This includes number of hits, user activities, and other related things that owners to improve their website resulting in more customer traffic. The tool can be paired with Google® AdWords that can further help site owners to monitor the effectiveness of the online marketing initiatives. The ability of Google® Analytics to improve customer traffic in conjunction with Google® AdWords has helped the service to get popular among site owners.

The service is accessible to users who have a Google account. New users can sign in to a Google account if they do not have already. Once a user has signed in for the service, they have access to the Google® Analytics dashboard through which they can monitor the pattern of user’s behavior, users count, etc. To make the service functional, owners have to embed a JavaScript code on their website. The code does not affect the interface of the page in anyway and remains hidden. The code records user activity and sent to the dashboard. The information is collated and presented to the registered service. Users can see it in the form of a report.

Information that is available in the report includes visitor’s behavior, length of visit, time of visit, visitor’s geographic location, etc.  Apart from this Google® Analytics also provides information about the referral sites and links through which the visitor has arrived. It also includes information about pay-per-click networks, digital collateral, and other e-mail marketing stuff. Using Google® AdWords together with the service can let the owners get a good idea on the return on investment (ROI) they may have made on hiring services of IT marketing experts. The report is present in a user-friendly format and is easy to read with information available under different sections and headers.

The service has been found to be very useful especially for the IT marketing experts as they can get valuable feedback about their efforts. This helps them to make continuous improvements in their plans. Continuous improvements help a site get more number of visitors that improve the business prospects for the clients. It also helps to maximize return on investment (ROI).

Google® Analytics service has some limitations. Due to a larger number of visitors that a site may get any given moment of time, the data collection process becomes slow. Clients can face a backlog of up to 12 hours. Another limitation is that certain functionalities in a browser may be disabled that may not allow the service to collect the data. Some reports also say that using the service slows loading of webpage, a claim that Google® refutes as untrue.