What is Google Chrome

Google Chrome, introduced in 2008, is gaining popularity day by day as it had eased and speeded the process of internet browsing. Google has given Chrome a simple look with default toolbar, designed it to negligibly disturb the web browsing area and well compatible to the computers of all sizes, whether with large sized monitors or small note-book or tablet sized. The simplicity and the speed of this internet browser introduced by Google are its exceptional features. According to its site Google Chrome does not disturbs in others working and take them where they like to go.

Among other features of Google Chrome, tabbed browsing, though applicable to almost all the browsers, through it has been allowed in some advanced manner as it opens a blank page with thumbnail shot that display the most visited sites by the user, instead of simply opening the blank page. In this way user can access the most liked page rapidly. Though Google had designed its browser simple but technologically it has revolutionized the market. For instance, if there is any problem between the browser and a website then normally the whole session hangs up to be restarted  but Google Chrome freezes only the disputed site and continues with other websites.

Google took the services of various designers in designing its latest internet browser Google Chrome such as Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s and WebKit. It had taken several ideas to develop the browser as you will see while operating it. The URL bar will not only be used in the traditional functions but also as the search bar. Like Firefox, it will not be necessary to type full URL address to open the webpage of a site like you have to type only Google to open the webpage instead of typing full URL address.

Google had introduced Chrome in competition of other web browsers and for that purpose it had loaded it with several new features that made it above many other internet browsers in the market. Usually all the internet browsers advertise about the responsiveness and speed but most of them like Internet Explorer failed to deliver and became the recipient lots of criticisms from all over the world. Stability of the browser is another additional feature of Google Chrome which lack in most of the other browsers. Free downloading facility of the browser is a must for all the internet browsers as they are directly linked with operating system of Windows.

Conclusion: Google introduced its latest Internet explorer, Chrome, with a number of exceptional features which have outdated almost all other web browsers in the market. The features of Google Chrome had spared no way for the users to go anywhere else leaving aside its unique features offered by Google.