What Is Gouty Arthritis

Generally arthritis means just joints inflammation or swelling in the joints. This disease, usually will affect the musculoskeletal systems. Our joint bones will be bridged by the cartilage. This cartilage will facilitate the bones to move without squashing with each other. These bones and cartilage are surrounded by a fluid and capsule. If there is any injury or wound in these fluids or capsule, we will get swollen in the joints. Gouty arthritis is also a variety of arthritis, which is usually, causes some swelling in the joints, and more frequently in the big toes. Sometime, it also affects the knees, ankles, elbow, fingers and also in the wrist.

There are four steps of Gouty:

  • Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia:
    This arthritis, will not give much stress to the patient and there will be no any big symptoms to specify. This will just lift up the blood uric acid.
  • Acute Gouty Arthritis:
    This stage will deposit the uric acid crystals in the gaps of our joints. This will direct as Gouty arthritis. Since it is acute, it will cause pain instantly.
  • Inter critical :
    This is the intermediate stage between the acute and chronic Gouty arthritis. We cannot find the symptoms to this stage also.
  • Chronic Tophaceous Gout:
    Since it is a prolonged disease, it will affect permanently. We can cure this disease by taking apposite treatment in the initial stage itself.


The main symptoms of this Gouty arthritis are that will attack a person mostly in the night times. This due to the body temperature will get reduced during the sunset. Hence the uric acid, which mixed along with the blood, will accumulate in the spaces between the bones. So this accumulation will later get swollen and cause pains. This will also root to tendering the cartilages and the outer shell will be changed as reddish. Sometimes it will be originated to itching sensation.


Usually, in our daily food we are in taking several mineral contented foods and also traces of unwanted minerals will also enclose with food. Habitually, these unnecessary minerals will be diluted along with the blood and moved to the kidneys. Later it will purge out through urine. This is the normal process, happening to all the normal human sapiens. But, if the process does not occur, it will cause Gouty Arthritis. Because those unwanted materials in the uric acid will be started to settle in the joints of the toes.


“Prevention is better than Cure”. It is better to prevent ourselves, before getting any diseases. We have to take proper food and at the right time. That food should be free from purine and alcohols. Before taking the treatment, we have to consult efficient doctors and have to take the prescribed tablets only.