What is GPS

When we talk about technology in the 21st century, we must give a thumps up for the GPS systems.  The days of asking for directions are now a thing of the past.  GPS uses satellite navigation to literally locate any place on the planet earth. Car owners are now able to locate a place in the comfort of their cars.  The whole process involves just a few bucks, but not all that cheap.  There are many companies that install the whole process.  It is important to have a budget and deal with a company who offers warranty for their product.  Not all the companies are experienced as they claim to be.

Some of the advantages of the GPS technology include:-

  • Car tracking – Unless the car tracking system is interfered with, lost or hijacked cars are easily traced and the offenders are made to face the law.
  • Monitoring – Large transportation companies are now able to monitor how their vehicles are moving on the screen.  This gives them the overall charge of controlling the vehicles while inn the comfort of their offices.
  • Direction to important places like the Post Office, Hotels and restaurants amongst others.  It helps in calculating the directions to a given place, thereby giving the user the exact location they are in.
  • It is not only used in cars, sportsmen use it to calculate the time and area covered during their training period.  It can also be installed in phones or other gadgets as preferred by the user.  Even ship owners’ use these to track their ships while out in the sea.
  • These are but just a few of the advantages of the GPS technology.

GPS in the 21st century

The GPS technology has found uses in many places.  National parks use the technology to monitor and track some of their most endangered species.  This enables them to know if such animals are in danger or have been captured by poachers.  There are different types of technology and a lot depends on the area covered, the cost and the duration of operation.  This still remains one of the most accurate innovations of the 21st century.  It has brought a lot of smiles on the users faces.  The whole system works by sending signals upon detection of irregular signals to the main office or station.

The story of the first GPS technology goes back to 1978 when it was used to track airplanes while they fly in the air to their destinations.  The number of the satellites strategically placed around the globe is known to circle the world.  During their going round, they only pass through clouds, air but not buildings.  They record the happenings whey they transmit to the base stations and used for tracking and monitoring by companies that have subscribed to their services.