What Is Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative way of expressing thoughts and gestures. Lot of different technologies is used to prepare graphic designs to convey desired message to a particular market segment. Designing involves a client and the designer who captures the client’s requirement and places it in the form of a graphic design.

Graphic design is an art based creativity which portrays symbols and words in the form of design. The design is prepared in such a way that it reaches the target audience and also conveys the desired message. This field of creativity is often referred to as visual communication. For example the traffic symbols on roads, general symbols for no smoking, lavatories are the most common graphic designs found in day to day life. Graphic design is both process and product oriented method of communication in the present day scenario.

The most popular graphic design is the logos and brand names of the organizations, which make the firm/organization unique and identifiable across the world. Advertising is another medium to involve graphic design in magazines, newspapers and other written communication. Packaging also involves graphic designing in the form of logos and artworks. Even promotional activities take the help of graphic designs to hype a brand name or a specific product graphic design is used for making the artworks display.

The origin of graphic design holds from the time of Romans when they had carved pictures in the caves, which displayed several set of messages. Even in Europe the graphic design was placed along with fine arts in the 19th century. The first graphic design was introduced by Henry Cole in Great Britain, this was the first time graphic design became a career stream rather than just a hobby art. The refined version of graphic design took its place only in the twenty first century. The technologies used at present are usually made thru computer graphics and are much easier when compared to the past.

Graphic design has its importance in every sphere of life. From manuals to memorandums the graphic design plays a vital role in the art of visual communication. They become a catalyst in the knowledge transfer to a large crown at a time. An old saying is that gestures/actions speak louder than words; holds well in case of graphic design. Sales and marketing industry uses graphic design on a large scale for promotions, branding and marketing their products and services. The designers work with several forms of designs which are sometimes painted or photographed or even drawn in some cases. They use topographical images to form a meaningful version of the message to be communicated across the audience. Graphic design has become a career opportunity for many and several certified courses are available in different countries that are recognized by the top brands and government.