What is Graves Disease

Graves’s disease results in excessive production of thyroxin in the body. High level of thyroxin in the body increases the metabolic rate, which could be responsible for change in physical appearance and volatility of mood. This disease is most common in women aged 20 years or more. Although, there is no permanent cure for this disease, which can prevent attack of immune system on thyroid gland, but symptoms and production of Thyroxin can be controlled with treatment. 

Anxiety, tiredness, irritability and moodiness, irregular and accelerated heart beats, trembling of hands, heat sensitivity, lose of weight, brittle hair, swelling of thyroid gland, changed menstrual cycle, and frequent bowel pressure are the various symptoms of Grave’s disease. Protruding and bulging of the eyes can be another prominent symptom in patients suffering from grave’s disease. The tissue behind the eyes gets inflamed, and since the eye sockets cannot expand to accommodate the swollen tissues, the eye balls bulges out. The bulging of the eyes is prominent in smokers compared to the non-smokers.

In severe cases, patient’s eyes get dry and they are unable to close their eyes, especially while sleeping. In some cases, eyes can also becomes very sensitive to light (photophobia) and gets gritty and red. When the disease becomes very severe, these symptoms can even grow to the level of blurred vision or double vision, restricted eye movements or even corneal ulcer. Several dermatological symptoms can also be visible in some cases. The skin becomes abnormally red especially on the shin and feet. These are very unusual but can be possible.

Thus, if you happen to observe the more than one of the above mentioned symptoms, medical help should immediately be sought. In fact, the irregular and accelerated heart beat calls for an emergency treatment.

Graves disease is an example of Auto-immune disorder in the body. The function of the immune system is to attack and destroy the harmful pathogens and substances in the body. When the body is suffering from Auto-immune disorder, the immune system starts attacking the healthy organs of the body, which are responsible for the normal functioning of the body. In case of grave’s disease, the immune system does not destroy the thyroid gland, but an antibody called thyrotropin receptor makes it produce excessive thyroxin.

Though sure cause of Grave’s disease is yet unknown, there is a possibility that the disease is caused due to genetic disorder. The patients suffering from the Grave’s disease can develop heart problems or weak and brittle bones. The symptoms can get severe which will require immediate medical attention. Thus, it is advised to be careful if any of the symptoms are observed.