What is Graves

In very simple terms, Graves’ disease is caused due to the generalized excess activity of the entire thyroid gland, which is also known as hyperthyroidism in medical terms. The disease was self named by an Irish physician named Robert Graves who described this particular type of hyperthyroidism about 150 years ago. Even though hyperthyroidism is one of the major reasons why this disease is caused, there are many other factors and reasons that can lead to this disease. Since this disease is not as simple as a cough or a cold, there isn’t any proper cure for Graves’ disease. There is no proper cure for this disease doesn’t mean you have to start worrying intently. In most cases where people become a victim of these diseases, their health can be restored back to normalcy if they follow certain natural treatment protocols.

One of the major reasons for the cause of Graves’ disease is the inability to handle stress. In today’s times most people do know that stress can be very harmful for one’s life but very few people know just how chronic a situation can arise if stress persists in you for months and years. Our bodies are naturally designed to handle stress but too much of anything is never good and this law definitely applies for stress. This is why any person who is dealing with chronic stress is doing a poor job taking care of it and if he doesn’t manage to discard them in time, he can develop adrenal problems.

This can also affect your immunity in the long run and thus result into the development of an autoimmune condition such as this Graves’ disease. It is obviously impossible to remove or get rid of stress from your life completely but keeping it in control can be a very good key for someone who is diagnosed with this disease.

Another major reason for the cause of this disease is toxins that are in our environment. The same way we cannot absolutely avoid stress, we cannot avoid these environmental toxins completely out of our lives. There are toxins in this world that are very harmful to you. Few people know that there are toxins that can actually affect your immune system and this can then lead to auto immune conditions developing in your body. If you consider this from a statistical point of view, you would be startled to know that in the last few decades the amount of environmental toxins that man has been exposed to has increased manifold. This in turn has brought an alarming increase in the number patients suffering from autoimmune condition all over the world. It thus proves that there is a direct link between the two. Graves’ disease is also caused due to a majority of other factors such as genetics, nutritional deficiencies, etc.