What Is Gripe Water

Infants tends to have real issues  when its sleep time and various remedies have been invented in order to help them sleep more comfortably without much fuss. Gripe water is one of the remedies that have been used for generations to help infants deal with minor stomach upsets and allow them to sleep more comfortably. The formula was first used in 1851 in England and was widely used by the nannies in that country.

William Woodward is credited with the accidental discovery of the formula that is today referred to as gripe water. William took his inspiration of gripe water from the remedies that were often used to deal with malaria and a condition that was known as fen fever in the 1940s. He noted that the remedy used to treat fen fever was also effective in soothing fretting babies and helping them deal with minor gastrointestinal problems.

Originally gripe water contained about 3.6 percent alcohol, dill oil, sodium bicarbonate, water and sugar. In 1876 Woodward registered the product as gripe water, in those days the marketing slogan on the formula was “Granny told mother and mother told me’’ The FDA in 1993 gave an order to have all the Woodman’s shipments gripe water in to the country detained on the basis of being unapproved drug. In spite of the FDA alert the formula has continued to be marketed as a supplement around the world. Since the first gripe water was administered the contents have changed greatly depending on the country in which the formula is used.

Alcohol and sucrose have been so far replaced by other ingredients but sodium bicarbonate is still one of the major contents of this formula. Evidence of the gripe water has been largely limited to anecdotes, however its effectiveness has led to many imitations seeking to cash in on the expanding market, some of the products cannot be said to be always close to the original goal and formulation of gripe water.

There are pediatricians who recommend the gripe water formula as well as some of the alternative practitioners who perceive it as part of naturopathic treatment. In certain countries it’s available over the counter in pharmacies as medicines while in others it’s sold as a dietary supplement. The formula continues to be very popular with parents who have infants in reliving colic as well as various minor stomach upsets which includes flatulence.

Currently it’s considered as one of the major alternatives for treatments that touch on gastrointestinal upsets unlike the conventional medicine. Gripe water has not been without its critics who argue that the formula contributes little in soothing colic. The critics argue that the formula only manages to quiet crying babies due to its sweet tasting flavor. On the other hand others have argued for the formula which has managed to weather so many commercial storms to become one of the popular infant treatments for fussy babies in the world. In spite of the critics gripe water is going to be on pharmacy shelves for quite a while in order to soothe fussy infants.