What is GSM

Global system for mobile communications or GSM as is usually referred to is widely used in the United States and have been in operation since 1982.  A lot of mobile devices all around the world are used in most mobile devices. In-fact the current rate used by most mobile providers rate at 80%, they use the SIM cards to connect to the cellular network.  They are known to use voice codecs in controlling the overall calls.   The SIM card is subscribed under different service providers where all the telephone numbers and contacts of the user’s are strategically stored.

The SIM card is a removable device that can be removed and used in a different phone. There is different algorithm used in the overall security of all phone holders.   It is important to understand that the system does not work in all areas.  There are areas that use different types of wireless connection.  These include the:-

  • GSM and
  • CDMA – these can be identified by the number of types different phones do not work when they leave their comfort area.

Advantages of GSM

  • It helps transport data over several miles. 
  • Its speed reliability is above-board.
  • GSM is currently in use in several part of the world – it offers a better roaming service compared to the others. 
  • Its boasts of 3rd generation technologies currently in use around the world.  It is referred to in short as 3G.

They currently have a large consumer network compared to the other CDMA which is gaining route locally and around the world as the largest network carrier of the 21st century.  Technology has made the world one global village.  Businesses can now be done at the touch of a button.  Calls can be made around the world with ease making it one global village where nothing seems to be too far despite the distance.

Mobile telephony uses GSM technology in calling.  When it comes to roaming charges and costs, CDMA has over the few years done a tremendous job, thereby giving GSM a run for their money.  The competition is an advantage to the consumers who have relieved a sigh of relieve due to the reduced calling charges.  The only advantage that GSM boasts of is its area of network coverage.  They can literally be used anywhere and found spread around all over the world.  Consumers and customers need only to buy a sim card and make their calls.

The number of the service providers is a clear sign of the effects GSM has had on the telephone industry.  Multi-national companies like Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Motorola are working overtime by introducing new telephone products in the market daily.  This is a cleaner sign that all is well in the telephone industry.