What is Guerrilla Marketing

According to the marketing experts, one should devote at least 25% of the time marketing his business. One has to put that amount of effort to reap rich rewards of the efforts. No matter of how high quality your goods are, if you are not able to market them properly, it is hardly of any use. Marketing is overlooked by many as a useless tool. But, in reality marketing plays a very important in the overall growth and development of any business. There’s no doubt about that.

Guerrilla marketing is also one arm of marketing that is done more with brains than anything else. Guerrilla marketing actually dates back to 1984, when the book was published by Houghton Mifflin. It has been such a rage that more than 21 million copies of the book have been sold since then in as many as 62 volumes. This kind of marketing has a huge fan following in any part of the world. The craze has not died down yet; as fresh followers of it are continuously increasing in various corners of the world.

The book on guerrilla marketing has been prescribed by universities worldwide and it has almost become compulsory for the MBA students to study it. The guerrilla marketing targets more gains in lesser pains, more output through lesser input. It allows you to achieve conventional goals, which can be either the profits or simply the joy of it.

However, the real essence of guerrilla marketing lies in the fact that there are unconventional methods being adopted for it. ‘Invest energy instead of the money’, is something that only guerrilla marketing will teach you.

There are many reasons why the guerrilla marketing is needed. However, three factors stand out amongst them.

Even if smaller businesses are taken into account, they are registering a record number of failures. This is nothing but a clear lack of understanding about how marketing should be done.

Interestingly, guerrilla marketing has worked better for the small businesses who have given it a try. The plus side of the guerrilla marketing is that it is quite inexpensive. So it is the small businesses which can easily afford the tricks.

The downsizing of bigger businesses, affordable technology and the relaxation of the government regulations are some of the factors that are driving the people towards small businesses around the world.

Guerrilla marketing is a trick that gives the smaller businesses a certainty in this otherwise uncertain world. No wonder, people are getting attracted to it. If you own a small business and the term guerilla marketing is alien to you, then you should go for some soul searching today itself. Try to adopt it at the earliest to enjoy greater benefits.

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