What is Hair Mousse

Hair mousse otherwise known as styling foam is one of the hairstyling products that helps in giving better volume to the hair. Hold on, the advantages do not end here only as, it also gives conditioning and grip to the hair avoiding buildup and clumps.

Hair mousse comes in the form of cream foam in a spray can which makes it one of the light-weight hair styling products. Although hair mousse comes in a creamy color once taken out of the aerosol, it is actually purple inside the can.


Uses of Hair-mousse

Styling foams generally helps in reducing a mass of tight curls; therefore it is of great use for someone with naturally curly hair and also for permed hair, so that the curls are defined. It is prevalently used for styling both short and long hair making it a very versatile product. Infact there are some brands of hair mousse that are available with ultraviolet rays sun protection. Hair mousse also comes in colors which are used to touch up grey hair and also create hair styles. There are semi-permanent mousses too available in colors which give toning and a stronger grip to the hair that is faded from the hair coloring process. In fact, mousse can also be used by men having thin or fine hair.

How to use a hair mouse

Hair mousse is very easy to use as it can be applied both on wet and dry hair. You can start by wetting your hair and applying the hair mousse evenly and blow drying after giving the required styling. When applied on wet hair, one can actually create a sleek, soft and wet look with shine. The additional benefit is that it also gives extra volume and hold to the hair.

When applied on dry hair, it again gives a natural look to the shape and style of your hair with additional grip.

What to choose

Hair mousse comes in lot of brands ranging at all levels and most of them offer a quality product. There are brands containing alcohol which suits most of the hair types but not for dry hair. One can look for a mousse containing vitamins and natural conditioners free of alcohol to style a dry hair. And finally for someone who is very finicky about exposing their hair to chemicals, they can try a homemade mousse which is very easy to make at home (an all natural mousse).

Homemade Hair Mousse

Check out these simple directions for a homemade mousse: Take 2 egg whites and beat them until fluffy and holds stiff. This concoction is now ready to be rubbed into the hair and dried after which you can style your hair as per desire.

 It’s truly good news for the ladies, especially because a new hairstyle can be created naturally and possibly everyday!!!!

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