What is Harmonic Scalpel

Harmonic scalpel is an instrument that is use in surgical procedures to cut and tie the tissues at the same time. Harmonic scalpel is a system that consists of a generator, a foot-pedal and hand switch, a hand-held ultrasonic transducer, and a cutting instrument.

Harmonic scalpel is manufactured by a company named Ethicon Endo surgery which is subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. This company manufactures medical instruments and surgical equipments.

This instrument is similar to “bovie” which is use to cut diseased tissues through electric current. The difference between both is that harmonic scalpel is better because it can even cut thick tissues and it produces less smoke. The reason behind less smoke is that harmonic scalpel makes use of ultrasonic technology to cut and coagulate diseased tissues precisely. So visibility problems can be reduced because of less smoke.

Moreover, precision is also higher in this equipment. But time required in performing surgery through harmonic scalpel is more and bovie can cut and join the tissues at any time but this instrument can only coagulate while cutting the tissues.

In bovie electric current is use to cut the tissues and heat is use to coagulate them. But in harmonic scalpel vibration is use to cut the tissues and protein denatuturization is use to seal them. The range of vibration is about 55,500 Hz.

In electro surgeries and laser surgeries high temperature is use. The use of protein coagulum for sealing causes minimum blood loss and also reduces the time required for surgery. The recovery time required after surgery is also less.

Harmonic scalpel can be used in multiple configurations, so it can be used in number of applications like dental, ophthalmic.

Other procedures that can be performed by it are:-

Lung biopsy. Laparoscopic cyst. Plastic surgery. Face-lift. Breast reduction. Breast augmentation. Flattens the abdomen by removing excess of fat.

The key to get success in this surgery is the knowledge and experience of surgeon. So, they should take training to gain perfectness in this surgery. Lectures and demonstrations are given to surgeons to perform this surgery.

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