What is HD Radio

HD radio is an upgraded version of the AM and FM radio wave signals. HD radios signals have own advantages. It sounds neater. This advanced radio technology gives access to the broadcasters that they can transmit high quality digital radio signals. Having access to HD radio signals has various advantages. Let’s have a look that why you should switch to HD radio signals.

The major advantages that users can experience are its high quality. With this new technology, radio station is able to transmit more information in a single digital radio wave. This leads to high quality and thus, radio sounds as if listening to some CD or DVD.  Also since technology is based upon the digital signals, it is less prone to reception problems. As a result of this, radio communicators eliminate the chances of fades, static, hisses and pops which are developed as a result of interference.  Also, this technology provides you with flexibility. If due to some reason, you are unable to catch digital signals, HD technology will return to the default mode and will automatically catch the analog signals. Also, radio technology has become more bright and vivacious with this. Many more versatile features are made possible with its introduction. Along with the music digital signal, one more signal can also be transmitted which can contain additional information inclusive of the track name, artist’s name and other useful information. Different stations can get it personalized by introducing some regional updates like traffic alerts or weather updates.

Not only this, multicasting is made possible with this technology. Same radio channel can now provide you with the option of having more than one program at a time depending upon the listener’s choice. For example, you are given an opportunity to have access to sports program or music at the same time with the help of HD waves. Also, you are given the option of iTunes tagging. That is, you can tag the particular track for purchasing it later. To access this, you need to have audio/video component, iPod and HD radio device in addition to iPod dock. Whenever you wish to purchase a particular song, you can tag it by pressing the “tag” button and can purchase it later with iTunes.

All this is made to happen by iBiquity Digital Company. License of this technology is given to consumer electronics manufacturing company and radio stations. You are available with a chance to adopt the new or to follow the old. But definitely, you will miss lots of things on sticking to the old.

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