What Is Heatsink Compound

The operation of the heat sink is through conduction. This is when the heat sink receives some heat from the processor and through the process of radiation; some air is being emitted into the air. The cooling system of the whole process simply depends on the heat that is being felt in between the processor and the metal of the heat sink. In the case of getting a better heat sink, mostly it is bought while attached together with the processor. This is simply for the efficiency of the product.

Heat sink compound is a chemical that is especially used in between the processor for the purpose of improving the thermal connectivity efficiency. The substance is used in many occasions including the installation period to help in generating the required heat that may be beneficial in improving thermal grease. This thermal grease use different thermal conductors that include; metal, ceramic, carbon, liquid metal. The metal, which is usually in either silver or aluminum form therefore making it a better thermal conductor. The ceramic is made of a ceramic powder which is then suspended into the compound hence making it a good thermal conductor. The carbon; which uses some fibers i.e. carbon fibers has more function than the metal since they have the best thermal conductivity hence making it more expensive. The liquid metal is made of some pastes which have thermal conductivity which include alloys. This makes it more expensive than any other thermal conductor.

Heat sink compound and its durability

Generally the heat sink compound acts a major component in any operation of a heat sink. The durability of some thermal grease is up to 8 years which is the least of all. In the case of drying, the connection must be checked so as to reduce the heat being transmitted through. Also in the case of turning the heat on to the grease, it might tamper with the durability of the processor hence making it have a short span. It is necessary that some thermal grease be refilled often for better working. If the material and the metals used in the heat sink compound are of good material and definitely it becomes more durable with effective and efficient performance of heat sink compound. In the case if you want a better heat sink, at many times the heat sink compound is bought even as attached simultaneously with the processor. This is basically for the efficiency, effectiveness and durability of the product.


Heat sink compound simply comprise of a white paste to become silicon through the use of zinc oxide. The way the substance is applied, the efficiency will also matter since it requires that the paste be applied in a very small quantity so as it can fill any gap that may be found in between the heat sink and the Central Processing Unit (CPU). In the case of more application of the substance it affect the effectiveness of the CPU that may make the heat sink put down onto it.