What is Hemoptysis

Hemoptysis is an infection in respiratory system that occurs in any one of its two types i.e. mild and massive. In this disease, blood comes out of mouth and nose and several other symptoms are also required in order to detect this disease at its initial stage so that treatment can be started at that time.

When blood or sputum coughs up with blood strain in human body, the condition or problem is referred to as Hemoptysis. In general terms, it is called a type of infection in respiratory system or tuberculosis. According to doctors, it is a serious condition of any one or several organs of our body which includes lungs, bronchi, larynx and trachea. It is called a serious condition also because when it affects a person, blood comes from his mouth and nose. Doctors divide Hemoptysis into two categories i.e. mild Hemoptysis and massive Hemoptysis.

Mild Hemoptysis is the condition when the affected person suffers from it for temporary basis. This type of Hemoptysis can be treated easily and this doesn’t bring many changes in the physical life of the sufferer. It generally happens to those people who are not addicted to smoking. On the other hand, massive Hemoptysis is much more serious and deadly condition. It happens to people who are very addicted to smoking and sometimes tobacco. It requires emergency medical attention and professional treatment as soon as possible. Many people who suffer from massive Hemoptysis die if proper treatment is not done at right time. The main reason of the death of these people is due to consumption of too much blood in airways.

As most of the serious diseases have symptoms, Hemoptysis has some symptoms too. The most common symptom of Hemoptysis is blood that comes out of nose and mouth. As blood can come out of nose and mouth due to several other reason and injuries too, it is important to note that blood coughing is important. Apart from these, several symptoms are very common like fever, nausea, chest pain, vomiting, syspnea and trouble in berating. However, symptoms may be different if the affected person is already suffering from any other serious disease like cancer. There are some other diseases too in which same symptoms may be noticed. But you can distinguish that the sufferer is affected by Hemoptysis by seeing the color of blood. Blood that comes out during this condition is bright red and clotted form.

Hemoptysis is caused due to several reasons or problems. Bronchitis and pneumonia are most common causes but apart from these, problems such as lung cancer, tuberculosis, trauma, Sarcoidosis, Aspergilloma, Histoplasmosis, Aspiration pneumonia and Goodpasture’s syndrome. There are many other problems too that led to this disease. Treatment of this disease generally depends on the cause due to which it has happened. In case of massive Hemoptysis, surgery is the only option left with the physician and doctor and this has to be done at the right time or else the person may die.