What is Henna Black

Henna is not black in color. But PPD is black Henna. PPD stands for paraphenylenediamine. It is used to make tattoos on the body and artist called it ‘Black Henna’.

There are many products that are sold in the market under the nature ‘Black Henna’. Some of them are very much dangerous which can cause sores, blisters and even irrecoverable effect on our health but some of them are very safe.

PPD based black henna should not be applied directly to our skin, it should be mixed with any other material. When applying it hands should be properly covered with gloves and it should not be applied directly to scalp. Some people even loss their hairs after applying it.

In 1800 there was no artificial way to make hair black. At that henna and indigo were used as a hair dye. Henna was of two types Natural and Red. Natural henna had less concentration of Lawsone in comparison to red henna. Indigo was referred as ‘black henna’.

If you firstly apply henna and then indigo on your hairs then your hairs will be dyed black.

If you see ‘Black Henna’ in Middle East or  India then it is indigo. But, black hair dye in American cosmetic company has PPD in it.

Henna dose not leave black spot on our head but when heat and tea tree oil is mixed with it Henna become dark and leave black stains on head.

If we want to find that whether henna is indigo or it has PPD in it then color of henna should be checked. If the powder is of green color and swells like frozen peas then it is indigo. It will not hurt you if you put it on you skin.

But Black Henna which is mixed with PPD is of dark brown or black in color. Some of them does not have much odor, but some have chemical swell.

People who are fond of tattoos should be aware while making temporary tattoos. If tattoos are made by Black Henna mixed with PPD it can cause following damages

Blistering and itching stains. It is mostly in the area of design. Sometimes the blistering and itching will be on whole body. 

The tips to safe people from harmful effects of PPD based Black Henna are –

If the stuff is of black color and stain the skin then it is PPD so avoid it. If artists tell you to leave the paste for less than the then it is PPD.

You should swell the ingredients if it swell like henna, lewor  juice, oil then it is not PPD.

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