What is Hepatectomy

Hepatectomy is related with liver removal which can be partial or complete. When liver transplant is done to remove the completely failed liver then it is called complete hepatectomy. In partial hepatectomy the part of the liver which is affected is removed. When there is tumor, gallstones present in the liver then removal of them is a part of partial hepatectomy.

When there is cancer in the liver it is removed through surgery and the name of surgery is known as localized resectable liver cancer. Localized means that cancer is present only in the liver and cannot have metastasized to other parts of the body.

The nature of this procedure depends on:-

How many tumors are there in the liver? Where they are located? What is the size of tumors? Whether the liver is still working in normal manner?

The preference is given to partial removal of liver but when there is no hope of recovery of the liver and removal of the liver is the only option then complete hepatectomy is done.

The surgery is performed in following steps:-

Firstly the patient is laid with his face up. The incision is done in the abdomen. To move the liver freely the connective tissues are cut.

After doing these steps diseased portion is removed but the task is very difficult because several blood vessels are connected with liver to supply oxygen to it. If one of it is damaged then hemorrhage may occur. To avoid this problem large vessels are clamped, after clamping surgery is performed and at the end incision is closed.

&Laparoscopic surgery can be use in which camera is use to visualize the surgical procedure this will help in recovering much faster in comparison. Moreover, the doctor needs not to open the entire abdomen.

Patients who are suffering from hepatitis and cirrhosis are at high risk when an hepatectomy is performed. The risks involved in it are:-

Post-surgical bleeding. Infection or injury to other areas of abdomen. Postoperative fever, pneumonia, urinary tract infection.

There can be blood clots in the leg.

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