What Is Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is one of the many forms of Hepatitis. Hepatitis B virus is responsible for this disease. This virus affects the liver of the patient and finally makes the liver to stand still. This disease was previously called as ‘Serum Hepatitis’. This disease is commonly seen in India, China and other Asian and African countries. This disease is taking more than one million lives through out the world, in every single year.

Mode of Transmission

This disease transfers through the body fluid and blood. This means, if a healthy person comes in the contact of a blood of a person, who is affected by this disease, then this deadly virus will affect him or her. At the same time, the Hepatitis B virus could be transmitted through body fluids like tear, saliva, semen, vaginal fluid and may be through the sweat. This disease becomes an endemic in most of the cases as it gets transferred very easily.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B

  • The health of a person suffering from Hepatitis B generally degrades very rapidly.
  • Loss of appetite is also a very general symptom of Hepatitis B and because of this the patient feels extremely weak.
  • Itchy skin could be a symptom of Hepatitis B.
  • Liver cirrhosis happens in case of Hepatitis B patients.
  • In some cases, Hepatitis B leads to liver cancer.


In this modern world, it is not very difficult to detect Hepatitis B virus. A pathological test known as Assays can easily detect the Hepatitis B virus. The blood of the suspicious patient is generally sent for this test. Instead of the blood, the body fluid can also be taken for the test.

How to Prevent Hepatitis B

  • Vaccine is available against this disease. In fact, not a single vaccine but many vaccines are available for this disease and these vaccines manage to keep the Hepatitis B virus at bay in case of more than 99% of cases.
  • Hepatitis B vaccines are available for the new born babies also; so if the mother is suffering from Hepatitis B, then that will not transmitted to the kid.
  • Apart from the vaccine, a person could stay away from Hepatitis B virus by taking some simple precautions. At the time of using any needle for injection, one should make sure that the needle is new.
  • Sex with any strange person should be protected.
  • A person should maintain safe distance from a Hepatitis B patient.

Hepatitis B is curable and at the same time vaccine is available for this disease; general people should stay aware about these facts. Each and every person should take Hepatitis B vaccine; in spite of that, if a person suffers from this disease, then he or she should go for proper medication.