What is Hepatitis

The fatal disease Hepatitis targets liver of a person. This disease is characterized by inflammation and presence of inflammatory cells in the liver. The interesting fact about this disease is, there is no symptom of it. In fact, this disease lead to several other diseases like malaise, Acute Hepatitis stays more than 6 months of time and becomes chronic.

A virus named, Hepatitis is responsible for this disease. However, instances are no rare when a person suffers from Hepatitis without getting affected by the virus. There are some toxic elements, which can cause Hepatitis. Drinking excess alcohol could be the reason of Hepatitis. At the same time, there are some medicines, which can cause Hepatitis. Some plants and organic things are there which can also be the cause of Hepatitis.

Symptoms of Acute Hepatitis

  • The initial symptoms of acute Hepatitis is non-specific in nature and in most of the cases, it resembles to the symptoms of Flu.
  • A person suffering from acute Hepatitis could suffer from malaise.
  • Joint and muscle ache is a common symptom of acute Hepatitis.
  • Headache and diarrhea could also be among the symptoms of Hepatitis.
  • A hepatitis suffering person loses his or her appetite.
  • The eyes and skin of a person suffering from Hepatitis become yellow. In fact, this is not the symptoms of Hepatitis but this is the symptom of jaundice. However, when any doctor finds any person suffering from jaundice, he or she diagnoses the same person for Hepatitis also.
  • A person suffering from liver failure could also suffer from complete liver failure. However, only a small portion of the clients suffers from this drastic symptom. Liver transplant is the only solution for the patients, who are suffering from liver failure.

Symptoms of Chronic Hepatitis

  • In case of the chronic Hepatitis, the symptoms are also non-specific in nature. In fact, there is no symptom of chronic hepatitis. All the symptoms a patient of chronic hepatitis shows are the symptoms of other diseases.
  • Fibrosis, necrosis, inflammation are some of the common diseases, which come up in a patient suffering from chronic hepatitis.
  • The ultimate symptom of chronic hepatitis is also liver failure and in most of the cases, the suffering person dies.

The fatality rate was very high in case of Hepatitis few years ago, as people refused to go to physicians, when they suffer from this disease. Moreover, they go for the witch craft to get rid of the disease and finally succumb to it.

However, this perception has been changed a lot in these days. People are going to the hospital, when they are suffering from this disease and very effective medicines are now available in almost all the parts of the globe. A patient can be successfully treated for Hepatitis.