What is Hernia

A hernia is noticeable in the form of a tear or a bulge caused due to the weakening of inner layer of the abdominal walls. The inner layers generally tend to push out of the weakened surface to form a balloon like sac. This leads to the intestinal loop slipping deep inside the sac to cause more pain and also severe health problems.

Many times excessive exertion and stress pushes pressure on the bottom of the abdominal region that tends to break several weak and support tissues thus enlarging the already existing hole leading to formation of a sac or new widened hole.

Medical Reports reveal around 80% of hernia is found in and around the groin area. This is mainly due to the reason that there is substantial weakness that is commonly observed in the region of groin especially resulting from a muscle covererage that remains incomplete. 

Symptoms of hernia: 

  • There is a visible protrusion in and around the region of the groin or the abdomen.
  • A person may feel low or severe pain while lifting heavy items
  • Hernia often causes a vague feeling of heaviness or fullness
  • There are also small chunks that are noticed beneath the skin surface
  • With the increase in the size of a sac there is substantial increase in the pain causing greater discomfort and uneasiness while making body movements

Causes of Hernia:

Some of the common causes of hernia can be a genetic disorder, old age, pregnancy, immediate weight loss or a weight gain, whooping cough, bout or flu, additional fluid in the abdomen, enlargement of the prostate gland causing additional pressure, excessive bending or lifting heavy items or post surgical effects.

Kinds of Hernia:

  • Ventral hernia is another kind of hernia that is caused in the abdominal midline above the surface of the navel (umbical) region. This hernia is often painless and does not cause much discomfort to a person.
  • Reducible hernia is one of the common types of hernia that can be easily treated by curing the bulge or a sac and then pushing it inside.
  • Incarcerated or Irreducible hernias can be usually treated only after a surgery of the affected muscles. The surgery is also known as Herniorrhaphy. 

Generally people of all ages and sex suffer from a hernia disease. The most common cause of Hernia is the weakness or strain in the abdominal walls that is specifically caused due to heavy lifting, excessive weight, prolonged cough, having difficult bowel movements and the discomfort in passing of the urine.

A person suffering from hernia however, may need to take additional care especially if the disease is treated with a surgery, so as to reduce the chances of getting inflicted with infections and other side effects.