What is High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension are often ignored by people as everyday medical ailments. But they are much more serious than that! High Blood Pressure is the main reason for cardiac arrests, paralytic strokes and even brain hemorrhage. This ailment is a lifestyle disease and is known to slowly and steadily destroy the human body.  Yes, High Blood Pressure is indeed so dangerous and that is why physicians and health care experts urge people to lead a healthy and stress free life. Here is detailed understanding of this ailment that has affected millions of men and women all over the world today. High BP is often measured as the BP is above the normal blood pressure that is 120/80.

The heart is responsible for pumping blood all over the body through the arteries. The force which the heart uses to pump blood is known as the blood pressure. A person is said to be having high blood pressure when the heart has to pump harder than normal to pump blood throughout the body. This leads to damage to the blood vessels over a period of time and it even damages the heart. Though the exact reason for High Blood Pressure is not known, there are a number of factors that are known to contributing to it. Habits like excessive salt intake, smoking, alcoholism, diseases like kidney problems, liver cirrhosis and diabetes are some of them. High Blood Pressure may even happen due to ageing, genetic disorders or even a hormonal imbalance. Overweight people and those having a thyroid problem are also known to have High Blood Pressure and other related problems.

If left untreated, High Blood Pressure is also known to lead to many other health complications and ailments. Artery walls tend to become stiff and even weak over a period of time. This leads to a decrease in the flow of blood to areas that are far from the heart like the arms, our legs, the kidneys and even to the brain. This leads to complications like brain hemorrhage, angina, dementia, strokes, heart failure, cardiac arrests, kidney failure and even sexual dysfunction. It can also cause peripheral heart disease, permanent damage to the eyes leading to blindness, loss of bones and insomnia. To put it in short but not so sweet terms, High Blood Pressure can ruin our lives and leave permanent scars if it is not kept under check. Proper treatment be certified and experienced doctors along with regular exercise is a must.

Other things that one can do to prevent High Blood Pressure is take brisk walks, join the gym to lose weight, take up cycling or jogging etc. dietary changes are also advisable. Try going for foods that are low on cholesterol and saturated fats.

Another thing that one can do to prevent High Blood Pressure is bring about major changes in their lifestyle. Today’s lives involve a lot of stress and hence it is of utmost importance to relax at regular intervals. Take a good vacation with your friends and family. Start doing meditation and yoga or just switch off yourself from the monotony of the world for a day or two. It works wonders for your health overall!