What Is HIV

HIV or the Human Immune Virus is the only organism in this world, who can cause AIDS. AIDS is now one of the most feared disease of this world. For two reason people fear this disease. First, there is no medicine available to cure this disease and the second reason is, this disease can be easily transmitted from one person to another person. This disease has already taken millions of lives and millions of people are suffering from this fatal disease at the present time.

Now, let us discuss a bit about the famous HIV. Yes, HIV is really famous now. In fact, this is the most famous virus of the world now. Most of the people know about this tiny virus and about its potency. There are some mysterious characteristics of this virus.

The incubation period of this virus is too long. This means, this virus can lay idle in the affected person’s body for a long period of time. It is really difficult to detect AIDS at an early stage, only because of this long incubation period. HIV shows its effect after two to three years of affecting a person.

The second strange characteristic of HIV is, it changes its shape with every passing second. This means, there is no definite shape of this virus. You will find that in one shape now and after an eye wink, you will find that in another shape. A medicine is yet to be discovered to restrict HIV from taking the life of a person is because of this very nature of the HIV. Most of the medicines works in a lock and key mechanism to restrict the motion of the virus inside the affected person’s body. It is difficult to create a key for a lock, which is changing its shape. It is not difficult but it is almost impossible. This is why, scientists are yet to get any kind of success in inventing a medicine to curb HIV.

The third typical characteristic of HIV is, this virus feeds upon the WBC of the human immune system. WBCs are called as the solders. They protect a human body against any kind of disease. They fight against bacteria, virus and every other foreign organism to keep the human body healthy. But HIV eats WBC to survive. This is why, AIDS suffering person witness a drastic decrease in WBC count. As the AIDS patient loses his or her solders to HIVs, he or she becomes susceptible to each and every kind of disease. In fact, he or she gets affected by too many diseases and finally succumb to them.

The only way a person can stay away from HIV is, by taking precaution at the various stages of life. If one has to say yes to life, then he or she has to stay away from HIV.