What is Hospital Psychosis

Hospital is the best place where one can expect to gain relief from stress and mental burden. However, environment of a hospital can prove to be stressful for many individuals as well. Individuals who depend upon the home surroundings for achieving mental peace suffer from hospital psychosis a great deal. There can be least doubt about the fact that the overall surrounding of a hospital equipped with noisy medical equipments can often prove to be stressful for the patients as well.

Hospital Psychosis-Severe Mental Condition:          

Hospital psychosis primarily develops by the length of the time spent in the hospital environment. Individuals suffering from hospital psychosis experience severe behavioral changes within a short period.

Factors Responsible for Hospital Psychosis: 

Hospital Psychosis occurs due to a number of factors. The main factors responsible for Hospital Psychosis are enlisted below:

  • Sleep Deprivation for a long period
  • Lack of proper Light
  • Drug Reactions and its side-effects

Hospital Psychosis that develops due to appropriate light is also known as ‘sundowner’s syndrome’. Apart from the above-mentioned factors, some of the other possible causes include metabolic disturbances, dehydration, loss of normal life and stress due to prolonged illness.

Possible Treatments:    

Hospital Psychosis can be treated with a number of treatment facilities. The general treatment facilities that can help to fight Hospital Psychosis include anti-psychotic medications and haloperidol as well. Before commencing with the treatment of the patient, it is necessary to review all the medications of the patient as well.

Hospital Psychosis-Life Threatening:

One needs to come in terms with the patent fact that hospital psychosis can prove to be extremely severe and life threatening if not looked after properly. The severity of hospital psychosis is directly related with the length of one’s stay at the hospital. The severity of hospital psychosis due to prolonged stay at the hospital is simply beyond imagination. ICU psychosis develops among patients when there is restricted interaction with caring family members. Agitated patients can commit disastrous acts by damaging IV catheters and damaging vital tubes as well.

Role of Hospital Staff:

Attitude of hospital staff members bear immense significance in ensuring speedy recovery of individuals affected with hospital psychosis. A good hospital staff should ensure the following activities:

  • Understands the importance of immediate action
  • Empower family members by being informative
  • Provide appropriate reassurance to the concerned patients
  • Remains alert of the possible hospital psychosis
  • Keep the other staff members informed as well

Hospital psychosis can be prevented by adhering to a few aspects. The important aspects that if taken care of can prevent hospital psychosis are enlisted below:

  • Encourage family members to conduct frequent visits
  • Disorientation should be prevented under all possible circumstances
  •  Avoid unnecessary arguments, chaos, excitement and noise
  • Be aware of the use of antidepressants

It is worth denying the fact that hospital psychosis can be termed as a real phenomenon. Few medical practitioners are skeptical to use theterminologyHospitalPsychosis. Hospital psychosis can be totally cured only when the patient returns home since the main triggering force behind this ailment is the prolonged time spent at hospital.

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