What is HR

Human resources title is quite often abbreviated to HR. Human resources are a dept in almost all big organizations, they play prominent roles in selection of employees and advising them about their suitable position in the organization and apart from that they keep a note of employees’ wages, leaves and work rights (sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination). So they are direct link to employees. So keeping this thing in view apart from financial aspects (to provide wages) human resource department also work with human aspects of the working employees as well. In some big companies requires a more than one HR manager so they often assign them responsibilities in different categories which includes: Human Resource Director, Human Resource neralist and human source assistant to carry on the responsibilities of the organization. In addition to this some companies hire vice president of HR as well.

In some companies at small scale where there is no formal Hr manager in charge, the manager or owner of the organization himself is responsible to “hire and fire”, to organize wages and work rights. HR mangers are crucial in big companies as managers and supervisors of those companies can’t maintain direct contact with their employees so, quite often they needed HR departments to carry on procedures and policies of their sphere in an efficient manner. HR managers are responsible to organize people, reporting relationships, keep a line with company’s procedure and policies, vision, mission, organization metrics and factors that can carry company towards glories are optimized.

Some key roles are, to recruit and select potential employees, making employees aware of health insurance benefits, Keep a check on employee’s health and safety issues and approve employee’s maternity leaves, sick leaves, annual leaves and disability payments, Responsibility of paperwork for hiring or firing employee’s, Advertising prospective jobs, and taking interviews and selecting potential employee’s, Reviewing performance and assessing raise and promotions, Keep a guard on any kind of discrimination whether related to race, age, and color and employer abuses, sexual harassment or bullying.

It is quite essential to know your HR managers if you working in a large company as they are responsible for human work rights and all. Don’t think them as impersonal even if you working in an impersonal company. HR keep a close checks on companies employees and generally they know their employees better than anyone else they work with. So employees should try to maintain contact with them when they enter in organization, to do that they can seek their counsel and advice of HR department seems a good idea. They should be aware of their work rights and the department who is responsible to assist them with that.It is quite often discussed that big companies as well as small ones ignore the main sense of responsibility towards its employee’s. HR managers are quite often pressurized by people in finance positions to keep wages low. Apart from that most of its managers try their best to cater to employee’s needs as well as for company’s success.