What Is Huffing

Drugs are expensive and lower strata of people find it difficult to buy and this leads to the practice of inhaling volatile substance such as amyl nitrates, xylene and toluene. People usually use polythene packets or inhalers to inhale these substance. These volatile substances are heated and inhaled which creates an intoxicating affect. The affect is very strong and keeps a person unconscious for about 5 to 6 hours. This practice is known as huffing.

List of volatile substance used for huffing

Toluene and xylene– these are aromatic hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons can be obtained from adhesives and paints.

Gasoline and kerosene and other petroleum products- These are aliphatic hydrocarbons and butane is widely used.

Acetone– It is generally known as nail polish remover and other ketones used in ink whiteners are used in huffing.

Amyl nitrates–  It is an alkyl nitrate and it lowers blood pressure and expands blood vessels thus relaxing muscles. It is one of the common substance used in huffing.

All these products and obtained from industrial area or from general store as no drug or medical store don’t sell them without prescription.  

Why people do huffing?

One of the major problem is Huffing, teenagers nowadays, are very unconscious about the things that might affect them and their health. There are teenagers who uses drugs without a prescription of a doctor, some uses solvent, gasoline, and rugby and they place it in a bag and breath in and out of it. The chief   reason behind huffing is to forget problems such as hunger. These drugs keep them unconscious for a good amount of time around 7 to 8 hours.

Historical perspective

Huffing started way back in the 70’s and still it is practiced.  From the use of marijuana to artificial drugs, huffing incorporates everything. A person who inhales solvents and etc. achieves the feeling of being intoxicated and euphoria which becomes unmatchable. These drugs also leads to addiction and affects the mind and organs of a person that eventually results in death. 

There are 17 million Americans, who abused their life using drugs, commonly, kids and teens use inhalants. The factors that influences these people are the so called friends, curiosity, reality and problems like hunger. 

How to prevent huffing?

There are ways on how to prevent addiction and drug abuse. First is to guide your children and also the people you treasure most, give love and affection, by these a person will walk back from the wrong path and will not head back to the drug infused life. Such people needs to be guided and being loved, he will not have a reason to do things that will waste his life. Another way is to give them time and attention, for them not to interact with people who will drag them to the dark life.  Lastly, educate people against use of drugs, make them realize that it is injurious to health and will ruin their life. Make a do’s and don’ts list for them to be familiarize which are the medicines that can be and cannot be use.

Drug is very harmful, especially if it is under the counter drugs. Being attentive and alert is the best way to show your love and the greatest remedy too. Time, is the key to let them feel that a family is always there to protect them from people who will influence them and treat them as a liability of the community. Be a role model for them to know what is right from wrong.

Huffing is one of the major drawbacks of poverty where poor and hungry people take  drugs and cheap solvents to get rid of their reality. However, teenagers are the major victims of huffing and tend to practise it as they get drug for a low cost.