What is Human Resource Administration

It refers to handling and governing of work force in an organization. In earlier days it was referred to as personnel management. Human resource administration also delivers business strategy so that the organization can meet its goals. This department is always run by human resource professionals who are trained in the various activities of the department.

To achieve the desired goals it is advisable for the human resource administration to closely work with executive levels in the organization. Every department in the organization must clearly there needs and business goals to the human resource administration department on a regular basis so that the desired goals of each department along with the organization is achieved.

Majority of the organizations today look towards outsourcing of human resource activities. This helps in cost reduction since these activities are performed by specialized staffs who are masters in the specific job. So that the other activities are take care by the employees of an organization to reach the desired goals. When an organization is planning for a human resource strategy it must take at most care to hire specialists with vast experience and are from good education background with sound knowledge of the process in which they would be working.

 A broad range of activities goes into human resource administration. Since human resource administration necessities to be proficiently carried out it can classified as follows:

  • Initial screening and assessment of employees
  • Providing benefits to employees
  • Designing employee handbook
  • Designing a performance management system for them
  • Formulating health and safety packages for current employees
  • Fixing of salary bands
  • Providing training facilities and designing a training program
  • Maintaining online employee records for accessing them fast
  • Helping them at the termination

Human resource administration is inordinate duty for an organization, because it’s an ongoing process. Right from hiring them to the time of settlement of employees. The function of human resource administrator who heads this department is commonly administrative activities. He or she usually needs to track the number of the employees, future work force requirement, salary and benefits, termination etc. These days the work of such executives is been automated and it is taken care by Human Resource Information System (HRIS). This software helps in finding out the employee’s data just by the ID allotted to them in printable format. This management module even covers other HR aspects as well. For example finding potential candidates within the organization, recruiting through online websites, and produce pay checks in automated format etc.

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