What is Human Resource Management

It’s a function within an organization to manage workforce that focuses on recruiting , management, and providing direction for human capital force that work for the organization. It can also be termed as a function which deals with issues related to compensation, hiring, performance, organization development, wellness, employee motivation and training.

The term HR. has become broad in the sense big companies have classified into General and strategic.  Now let us understand the meaning of strategic HR. It is designed to help the company meet the needs of its employees along with the goals. It’s a proactive management of people; it requires thinking ahead in planning ways for the company to meet the needs of the employees.

This kind of human resource helps the company to make a conducive working atmosphere for its employees. It helps in improving the rate of skilled employees who chose to work for the company. An important aspect of strategic human resource management is the development of employees. This begins when the company starts recruiting and interviewing the prospective candidates. Once the employees are hiring the company will have to cater to the training needs of the company as well the employees hired, so that they speed up and get going with the ongoing projects of the company.

In today’s technological world, this entire system is taken care of by a HR. system called HRIS which means human resource information system.

What is this system? It’s an integrated system designed to provide information used in HR. decision making. Computers have simplified the tasks done by humans which have become invaluable aids to human resource management. It takes care of the entire HR. functions from payroll process to retention.

This HRIS serves two purposes; one is administration and operational role and the other strategic role.  The administration role is the one is to improve efficiency with the data on employees and HR activities are submitted. Many HR activities can be performed very effectively with no paper work if entirely automated.

The operational role is more related to HR planning. Once the required data is accessible it enables HR. planning and managerial decision easy. For example instead of manually doing a turnover analysis by department, length of service and education background of an employee. A specialist in this area can compile it very quickly using the HRIS and submit the report on time.

Human resource concept has grown very swiftly; companies should take care that the human capital be taken care of along with organizational goals to achieve the goals of a company. Human capital is the assets of a company for it to go a long way and survive.

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