What is Human Resource Planning

The success of every industrial or commercial organization is heavily dependent upon the contribution made by employees as they perform various tasks to which they are assigned. Organizations tend to be successful when employees are productive and satisfied in performing their tasks. The activities of various individuals will be synchronized if somebody is there to undertake this work. Human resource planning strives to use human resources in an effective manner so as to transform them for realizing the objectives of the organization. Thus, it aims at relating the people at work with the activities necessary to achieve the organizational goals.

Human resource planning include:-

Recruiting, selecting, training, developing and motivating employees to perform job effectively. Planning, designing and evaluating employees’ jobs. Providing satisfactory relationship between the organization and people through fringe benefits and labour relations. To contribute to the formulation of organization personnel policies and agreement to ensure their effective implementation.

The main reason behind human resource planning is to help in achieving organizational goals. Co-operation is required by all the members in the organization for achieving business goals. Such persons should be employed who are ready to accept the challenges of new jobs assigned to them. It also aims at the material and psychological satisfaction to each employee in the organization. This is possible only when employees are provided with congenial work environment and job satisfaction. Job satisfaction include good salary, job security, better opportunities for promotion, financial and other incentives for improving performance. Human resource planning also takes care of the welfare of the members of the community. An enterprise has certain responsibility towards the society at a large. It can serve the society by providing better employment opportunities and producing goods of better quality at reasonable rates.

The HR plan needs to be flexible enough to meet short-term staffing challenges, while adapting to changing conditions in the business and environment over the longer term. Human resource planning is also a continuous process. Entrepreneur must provide for the employees development needs by developing appropriate standards for evaluation, conduct appraisal, fixed standards and plan for development of employees by apprenticeship training of unskilled and semi-skilled employees.

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