What is Human Resources

Human Resources can be defined as a strategic and rational approach to management of an organization’s most treasured assets – the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives. An individual human resource practices outline the core competencies that concludes how firms compete. However, widespread researches have shown that such practises have witnessed remarkable impact on any organization’s performance. The overall objective of Human Resources is to ensure that organization is able to accomplish success through people.

Organizations in the developing stages face the foremost issues of professional incompetence and lack of motivation among their employees. The reason behind may not be just that they will be very low paid employees but the culture they were brought up, schools they studied will practically matter and definitely count when it comes to the functional and execution style. Proper planning and management of people will not only result in growth of the organization but also helps employees to grow with the company.

The Human Resource cycle includes:

  • Selection: Hiring right people for right job
  • Appraisal: Performance Management
  • Rewards & recognition: A tricky tool that identifies the best performer in the organization.
  • Development: Identification process where the outcome will be to train and develop below and average performers based on the evaluations done from the assigned objectives.

The term Human Resource is heard only since 1970s till today. People question why do we need Human Resource Department? Though there would have been successful companies in the past without intervention of Human Resources, they found it difficult to prove where they stand. Human Resource professionals design all the ingredients or tools necessary for the smooth functioning of any organization. It gets going from designing organisation chart to understand position ranking, define job descriptions to explain primary and secondary roles and responsibilities for every position in organisation with necessary skill set, qualification and compensation.

It is my personal experience that I would love to share about the beauty hidden in working as Human Resource person is that anyone who can understand the holistic operations of an organisation and tailor make the employees skills to work towards the success of an organisation, can be a Human Resource personnel. A degree from university would be just an added advantage when it comes to compensation.

Corporate world is for this reason investing on Human Resources. Abundant tools are available to track performances, human resources will only make it happen as finally all systems and tools are adhered and complied by people themselves. Human resource people are investing time towards performance perfection of every individual and of the company by drawing skill matrices by dividing individual roles Vs necessary skill set.