What is Hunting Season

Hunting is a tradition which exists even since the ice age and has undergone several revolutions to have turned into a sport which involves pursuing of living creatures which are generally wildlife. Hunting could be a hobby done for recreational purpose or a practice for trade and food. Hunting these days is no more an unethical practice and has gained a recognition of a lawful sport or hobby which is contrary to the term poaching which refers to killing and stalking animals and targeting a specific species which is against law. The species meant for hunting are termed as a game which includes widely of mammals and birds, migratory and non- migratory. Hunting sometimes is also carried on as a means to eliminate vermin which is referred to those species of animals which could be a nuisance or pest with their overpopulation.

Hunting season as the name suggests is the time during when it becomes legal to hunt a specific species of animals. Deciding on the hunting season primarily depends on the state which has the complete authority over the wildlife which comes within the boundaries of the said state. The wildlife agencies of such state can provide the best information as to the season and the areas that could be open for hunting and these agencies are responsible to provide license for hunting during the season. This season generally comes during the year when the temperature is below the range where that particular breed of species meant for hunting is required to maintain as a normal body temperature. Enough care is taken to see that the season doesn’t fall in midst of the mating season of these species. Thus it is ensured that the propagating process is not disturbed and the game population is also within the limit.

Hunting season is a great way of creating a balance in the population of wild animals thereby maintaining the local ecology. It also helps in preventing killing of young animals and sets a proportion to keep the female animal population slightly higher. For better safeguard of the wildlife, hunting season is categorized into two namely, Open season and closed season. An open season refers to the time when a specific species is allowed legally to be hunted as per the wildlife law for conservation. Such time is decided keeping in mind the population of that species and its breeding period. Whereas closed season is the time during when hunting of a specific species is illegal. Such season is often the breeding period or a time when that species is more vulnerable.

Hunters are supposed to possess a license before the start of hunting and such license is valid for that particular hunting season only and is also restricted to certain jurisdictions. Thus hunters must be of certain age to become eligible for hunting. The animals generally meant for hunting includes black bear, waterfowl, deer, squirrel, fox, pheasant, moose and wild turkey. So it is a responsibility of each one of you who desires to get into hunting, to get well educated about the clauses and the issue involved in hunting so that not even a single animal is killed by mistake. Make hunting a pleasure sport rather than an illegal activity.