What is Hydroquinone Cream

Hydroquinone Cream is a cream to treat age spots and discolorations of the skin. It should be applied on the screen after checking and should only be used after it is prescribed by the doctor.

Women are very conscious about their skin so they always look for a medicine or cream which can cure their skin whenever there is any problem in it. Hydroquinone cream is a cream which treats age spots and other discolorations of the skin. It also lightens freckles of the skin. Many times skin discolors at the time of pregnancy and after child is just born so at this point of time this cream helps the skin to recover quickly. This cream is prescribed by the doctor for some other reasons also. It inhibits enzyme reaction within cells of skin so it acts like a skin-bleaching agent.

As women can’t afford side effects and reactions in face, they should not apply it on the face directly. When a woman buys this cream, she should first use it in the area of skin where the skin is unbroken and leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, if she observes that no change has taken place then she should apply it on face otherwise she should consult the doctor if the skin turns red. She should also consult the doctor if the skin itches or blisters are formed. Reactions do not occur in most of the skins but as prevention is better than cure, one should check it before applying to face.

After you see that it is safe to use, you should first wash the affected areas of your face. Then apply sufficient amount of cream on the affected areas of the skin after it dries. After applying the cream, wash your hands properly. You should keep in mind that you take the dose on time. If you forget to take medicine on time, try to use it again after taking the dose. When your skin is under treatment you should see to it that your affected skin is not exposed to sun because it will be injurious. If you need to go out at daytime use sunscreen on the treated areas and use proper clothing for its protection. She should consult the doctor if any side effect is happening due to sunscreen. At the time of pregnancy also she should consult a doctor and confirm whether she should use it or not.

Sometimes, due to side effects several problems are noticed in the affected areas. These side effects include redness, mild burning near the areas where cream was applied, rash, difficulty in breathing, hives, skin irritation, etc. If any of these happens you should contact the doctor as soon as possible and proceed accordingly.

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