What Is Hyperlipidemia

Hyperlipidemia is also know as hyperlipidaemia or hyperlipoproteinemia, it is a medical condition, which involves elevated levels of lipoproteins or lipids in the blood. Lipid is a fat soluble molecule which is transported in protein capsule. It plays an important part in metabolism and hence it depends a lot on the type of the lipoprotein, and as to what will happen to it, in metabolism and how it will affect metabolism on the whole. This particular medical condition is basically genetic or it may be linked with secondary Hyperlipidemia which caused by diseases such as diabetes.

There are 5 different types of Hyperlipidemia and all off them have different symptoms and different types of treatment.

  • Type I: It has three different subdivisions namely A, B and C and they affect LPL, ApoC2 and LPL inhibitor respectively.
  • Type II: It has two sub divisions and it linked with symptoms such as tendon xanthomas and arcus senilis
  • Type III: The defects caused in this type is in Apo E2 Synthesis, and its main symptom is Palmar Xanthomas
  • Type IV: It is linked with VLDL levels
  • Type V: Is linked with Chylomicrons and VLDL and LPL

Factors which can increase the risk of Hyperlipidemia

There are lots of factors which can increase the risk of people getting Hyperlipidemia. If you are overweight, heavy alcohol drinker or if you don’t exercise, you are increasing the risk of getting secondary Hyperlipidemia. This medical condition can also increase your risk of developing heart problems and hence you should always take care to treat the disease as soon as you see any symptom of it. Thus, if you want to reduce your risk of Hyperlipidemia start exercising and eat less oily food. Precaution is always the best way by which you can fight Hyperlipidemia, and hence you should take care to live a healthy life.

Treatments involved in Hyperlipidemia

There are different types of treatments involved in treating Hyperlipidemia of different types. Some of the compounds involved in treating Hyperlipidemia are fibrate, niacin, statins, Bile acid sequestrant and Diet control. The best way to treat Hyperlipidemia is by changing your lifestyle, avoid food with saturated fat, and eat food having less fat, losing some weight, if you are overweight also helps a lot in controlling the disease. Smoking should also be avoided at all time to avoid any further complications. There are many online websites which you can refer in order to know more about Hyperlipidemia and its treatment. All these websites are free and they can readily be accessed from your home computer, so take some time off your busy schedule and learn about the disease, so that you can remain healthy all your life.