What is Hyperplasia

Hyperplasia is a condition of the body that refers to the increased number of cells in the certain organs of the body. The term, Hyperplasia is derived from ‘Hypergenesis’ that refers to the increased count of cells. One has to note the fact that Hyperplasia is not related to cancer or malignant growth of any kind and therefore, there is no need to worry about the condition being life threatening. Sometimes, it is said that this condition occurs in the body when it goes through a transformation as in the case of pregnancy in women.

 One should not confuse the condition of Hyperplasia with that of Hypertrophy. The main difference between these conditions lies in the fact that the cell count increases in case of Hyperplasia, whereas in a patient who shows signs of hypertrophy, the cell size increases considerably. However, there are cases where Hyperplasia results in increase in the size of the cells too. The condition of Hyperplasia is caused when the increase in the number of cells in the person occurs as a result of the normal response of the body to the stimuli or the hormonal changes that take place in the person. The main factor that helps in differentiating between neoplasia (condition responsible for malignant growth) and Hyperplasia is that the growth which happens in the latter case is as per the normal regulatory mechanism of the body.

 The increase in the number of cells shows up as a bulge on the skin of the person and it is not harmful in any form. However, people who wish to get rid of this extra growth can opt for surgery and have it removed. There are many conditions of Hyperplasia and the most common one is the ductal hyperplasia where there is an increase in the number of cells in the terminal breast duct. In extreme cases, the growth seen in the breast duct can be abnormal and this condition can lead to breast cancer in the future.

 Benign prostatic hyperplasia is the most common form of Hyperplasia seen in men as they age, wherein the enlargement of prostrate occurs, leading to difficulty in passage of urine. This condition can be brought under control with the use of right kind of medication. In case extra growth is seen in any part of the body, it is imperative that the person keeps away from risks of any kind by consulting a doctor at the earliest to ensure that the growth is not malignant in any form.

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