What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a psychological therapy that cures anxiety and pain.  Most of us are little skeptical about hypnosis. Sometimes we think that a hypnotist can use certain ridiculous and unusual techniques, and put us in certain mess for entire life.  However, this is not a truth. Hypnosis has very lucrative therapeutic effect; it helps in reduction of pain and anxiety and in the cases of dementia.  The effect of hypnosis varies from person to person.  During the act, you taken into the Trans state and enjoy the higher consciousness.  During the researches, it has been analyzed that few hypnotized patients, feel extremely detached, comfortable, and relaxed during the therapy, while  others reported that they felt that they are extremely violent beyond the action.  Some of them were even conscious, and able to have conversations.  Suppose if a patient suffers from a bad pain in arms, the hypnotist, hypnotize the patient make them feel that they are relaxed and the pain has subsidized, and after that the arm is placed in ice water. Through this experiment it has been noticed that, the non- hypnotized patients feel the sensation of greater pain while the hypnotized patients feel relaxed and can put their hand in ice water for several minutes.

Earlier hypnosis was used for only mental ailments, but now it is crucial treatment for much painful disease.  For instance, when a patient suffers from the chronic conditions of the rheumatoid arthritis, through the hypnotic treatment the patients are subjected to great relief.  It has also shown the great results, in the reduction of pain during childbirth. Hypnotherapy, is a great  relief in the symptoms of  ADHD and in the conditions of nausea and vomiting in cancer patients while going through the chemotherapy  treatment.  This therapy is also very effective in handling with pain during denture procedure.  In the critical cases, of warts, psoriasis and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, it has shown great results.

To get hypnotized is never an easy game.  We think that, probably we will never be able to hypnotize, but that is not the truth. Studies have estimated that a great deal people are hypnotizable, and susceptible to this therapy. Nearly fifteen percent of people are highly responsive to hypnosis therapy.  However, it has been seen that children are prone to the hypnotic therapy. In terms adults, ten percent of them are considered as non- receptive to the hypnotic treatment. The impact of this treatment is felt more with people who have greater fantasizing capacity.  These people are highly responsive to this therapy.  If you really longing for the hypnotic therapy, you will have to come up with an open mind. Psychologist has felt that the patients who has optimistic attitude , get better result for the hypnotic treatment. Therefore, whenever you approach for such therapy come with a lot of excitement.