What Is Hypomania

You might have heard about Mania, but do you know What Is Hypomania? Well, mania is mainly associated with bipolar disorder and it is an emotional extreme. However, hypomania is not completely related to mania, even though it shares some common symptoms, but to a much less degree. In fact, Hypomania is actually the mood, state of mind, or behavior, which might express itself through irritability, flamboyance and even excitement. Further, Hypomania is also accompanied by behaviors like talking nonstop, restlessness, furious focus, easily distracted and some other similar behaviors. The symptoms of hypomania might vary greatly from one person to another.

Main features of hypomania

To understand this problem one should know What Is Hypomania? People, who are in a hypomanic condition faces problems such as:

  • Less need of sleep
  • Extremely competitive and outgoing
  • Remain full of energy all the time

As compared to full mania, people suffering from Hypomania are mostly completely functioning. Hypomania does not have psychotic symptoms like mania and the impact on functioning is also lesser as compared to mania. Hypomania is mainly characterized by cyclothymia and bipolar II disorder. However, this can also crop up because of schizoaffective disorder. Hypomania is an attribute of bipolar I disorder too, because it emerges in a sequence procession, when mood disorders ebb and flow amid normal behavior and mania.

Distinguishing between bi-polar and uni-polar patients

Sometime when mood progresses downwards, hypomania can occur and it can also be a side effect because of many kinds of medication. Hypomania, which is induced because of drugs, does not always indicate bipolar affective disorder. To analyze the mood changes or the switches one should understand the difference amid uni-polar and bi-polar disorder. This will help a lot in understanding What Is Hypomania? It is also essential for mental health professionals and researchers for distinguishing drug-induced hypomania in patients who are uni-polar and those who are bi-polar.

Different ways in which hypomania expresses itself

Some people believe that hypomania actually comes with evolutionary advantage. Those who have hypomania are:

  • Euphoric
  • Energetic
  • Visionary
  • Over confident
  • Charismatic

Unlike people with complete mania, those with hypomania have the capability of coherent thought as well as the action of participating in daily activities. There are many people, who believe that there is a correlation amid creativity and hypomania. However, these advantages might make a person unwilling towards treatment of such condition. Even though, diagnostic criteria meant for hypomania consist of seven main symptoms as well as with mood requirements, but there are a number of ways in which hypomania express it. This includes behaving inappropriately, talking very fast, aggression or hostility, etc. If you understand these behaviors then you will understand What Is Hypomania? Medications like mood stabilizers are primarily utilized for treating condition like hypomania.