What is Hypothyroidism

Lack of iodine in a body often gives rise to the condition of hypothyroidism. The term hypothyroidism means deficiency of thyroxine hormone due to improper working of thyroid gland in the body. Thyroid gland is considered to control the secretion of thyroxine hormone in a person’s body. This hormone carries out various biological processes in a body system. If the secretion of thyroxine hormone decreases in comparison of the normal process, it causes hypothyroidism.  This condition is called cretinism in children while adult hypothyroidism in adults.

Thyroid gland is situated in the neck just below the larynx and remote control the secretion of some hormones. Normal secretion process of thyroid gland is essential to maintain the hormonal balance regarding the hormones secreted by this gland. Secretion of thyroxine hormone subjected for the growth of the person’s body.  The main reason of hypothyroidism is lack of iodine in a body. This condition occurs due to some specific physiological conditions also. For example, some women face the condition of less secretion of thyroxine hormone during or after the pregnancy. This condition can arise because of weakness in body and mental stress also.

Early stage of hypothyroidism shows very simple symptoms. The person suffering from this kind of hormonal imbalance faces the problem of hypersensitivity for cold and feels fatigue often during the physical work. Muscular pain, fever and joint pain is noticed frequently. As the hormone controls metabolism of the body, less secretion of thyroxine causes improper metabolism. This consequently gives rise to the condition of constipation. Decreased sweating can also occur due to hypothyroidism. Later the symptoms are assisted with increased size of thyroid gland and dryness in skin. This condition is called goiter. The most specific and interesting symptom of hypothyroidism is swinging mood. Person behaves in different ways within a short period of time. It can also be a result of any other disease subsequently while any specific treatment to cure some disorder can also be a cause of hypothyroidism. If bipolar disorder (a kind of mania) is treated with any lithium containing drug in order to stabilize the mood of person, it can also give rise to imbalanced secretion of thyroxine. Stress of adrenal gland causes hypothyroidism by disturbing the level of blood sugar in a body.

Treatment of hypothyroidism includes intake of thyroid hormone in the form of tablet. Levothyroxine or synthroid is the most common pill to overcome the shortage of thyroxine hormone in a body. Consumption of supplements of required minerals such as iodine, calcium iron etc. is suggested by the doctors to fulfill the deficiency of important nutrients. This helps out to overcome the problem of muscular cravings.