What Is IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is abbreviated as IBS. It is a kind of functional disorder which gives rise to a series of various symptoms. The cause of occurrence of Irritable Bowel Symptom is not known yet. There is not any certain cure of the disorder but, treatments are available to beat the problems regarding involved symptoms. This disorder is subjected to give rise to more sensitivity in bowels for any stimulation. The syndrome does not seriously affect the life expectancy of a person who is suffering from this problem.

Although the exact reason of IBS is unknown yet still it is suggested that an acute infection of gastrointestinal tract can give rise to the syndrome. Thus, the problem is more likely to take place after a chronic dehydration, diarrhea and constipation. The hypothesis which is normally considered by the physicians for the occurrence of IBS is that the nerves connect intestine to bowels and brain both. When the normal functioning of intestinal activity gets disturbed, this information can reach towards the brain through the nerves. Then the brain sends special message to bowels also as they are connected to intestines in turn. Thus, bowels become more sensitive towards any stimulation and undergo inflammation.

The problem is firstly noticed by the acute stomach pain and abdominal cramping. This problem gradually gets turned into the occurrence of other accessory symptoms also.  Some more symptoms of this syndrome are improper functioning of genitourinary system, headache, back pain, colitis, ulcer in bowels etc. the problem can also be affiliated with some mental symptoms such as depression, stress and anxiety. The most common microbial organism to cause acute and chronic infections of gastric tract is protozeans and coliforms. The most common species which contains the potential of evolution of gastric disorders are E.Coli, Enterobactor etc.  Although there is not any suggested treatment to control this kind of gastric syndrome directly but, problems regarding gastrointestinal tract can be resolved by appropriate precautions and prescribed medication.

Treatment includes basically the cure of gastrointestinal disorders. Anticholinergic tablets and antibiotics are often suggested by doctors to treat diarrhoea and gastric disorders. This kind of functional disorder does not leave harmful effects on intestines for lifetime while the symptoms are improved by medication. There is no chance of the evolution of any fatal disease such as cancer due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Still there are some precautions suggested by health experts to follow in order to overcome the syndrome soon. Intake of heavy meals should be avoided. Spicy and oily food should not be taken. Diarrhea or gastric disorder should be treated by appropriate medicines immediately. Fiber rich diet should be taken to facilitate proper digestion and regular metabolism.