What is IMAP

IMAP should be abbreviated as the Internet Message Access Protocol, which is normally utilized by the people to have an access to the mails in the servers. It is proclaimed as the most widespread internet protocol in the field which is applied for the e-mail reclamation.  This is upheld by almost all the latest e-mail clients and the mail services for recovering the mails from the mail server. IMAP aids for the access from the different computers and also give the opportunity to contribute with the numerous server side folders. There avails two diverged ranges in the mail retrieval internet protocol namely Post Office Protocol which is specified as POP and the IMAP service.

IMAP had hit the field in late 80’s as a proxy for the Post Office Protocol and it had been come into existence by Mark Crispin. When it had reached the field, it had been called by the variety of the names. Since now, it has been released in many versions like IMAP2, IMAP3, IMAP2bis and IMAP4.  With the unveiling of the IMAP4, it got the name that stands as a full form for its abbreviation now.

The main desire for the designing of the IMAP rose out due to the issues that are associated with the earliest mail retrieval internet protocol service POP. The POP service offers many discomforts rather than the advantages which can be eliminated by the IMAP. The main disadvantage of the POP is that it will make you to work at offline since it links you to the server at the times of the arrival of new mails so as to download them which let to fall under the situation of the checking for the mails in the server at regular interval. Yet it permits for the access to the several clients, it often ends with the issues.

But as mentioned earlier, IMAP vanishes off all the disregards of the POP to offer better working condition to the people in the field. It allows working on online, thus purging the need for frequent checking. Further, provision is made in IMAP for the storage of the already read messages on the desktop to view it all the required times without any hindrances. Another benefit of IMAP is being claimed by the option of working with the numerous folders and saving them in the mail server which let them handy from any part of the world.  Further, this provision helps out of the management of the email filters and the Spam processing.

Yet the IMAP possesses many comfy, it is presented with some drawback too. The main one is being tied up with the manifold admittance to the server by the numerous at the same time. But the suitable remedies are also provided along the service to alter it all the downsides to stand erect.